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Why I Love Warm Stone Massage

Prior to becoming a licensed massage therapist I was a professional sales rep. At various points in my career, I sold medical, fitness and office equipment. The career was a great fit for me for many years. I loved meeting new people, selling stuff that mattered, the flexibility and more.

But one thing that I strongly disliked even when I was a top medical sales rep was the constant increasing of my “quota”. Month after month, I’d hustle and exceed the goal and although I enjoyed the financial gains and momentum, my quota kept going up and up…

I found myself needing to get a minimum of one massage per week. While this may sound lovely, every massage therapist who worked on me would say something like, “wooooow, you have a lot of tension and knots… when was the last time you had a massage”? I had great difficulty relaxing partly because my mind and body were on overdrive.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to warm stone massage that my back, neck, mind, heart and soul found peace.

My first experience was in Santa Barbara, California. I’d taken a mini girls road trip with my friend Nina and we decided to get impromptu massages at a cute, beachy day spa. My hippy-like massage therapist didn’t appear to be quite so happy upon introduction to my brick-like back. She explained to me that warm stone massage significantly reduces stress, pain and tension and she believed I would enjoy the warmth which would allow me to fall into a deeper state of relaxation, much faster. It sounded like a dream for both of us so I decided to try hot stones for the first time and as they say, the rest is history. Just as she promised, I drifted into a deep trance and my upper body tension seemed to melt away almost immediately.

Since that day, I always have my massage therapist add stones to my massage sessions. Likewise, I often add at least one warm basalt stone when working with my clients to help relax their muscles and mind more quickly.

In addition to benefits already mentioned, according to an interesting article published by Healthline, the tranquil stones promote better sleep, may boost immunity and may even relieve symptoms of autoimmune disease. (To check out the article visit

When you visit me (Tiffany) at A Knead for Wellness, Massage Therapy in Franklin, TN, you can enjoy regular basalt stones or a luxurious Himalayan Salt Stone massage. The pink Himalayan salt stones are hand carved and have a more rugged texture which exfoliates the skin. They contain 84 minerals and natural elements such as iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium to help improve remineralization of the body. I personally enjoy experiencing the warmth and texture of both types of stones.

Can you relate to my story? Do you have difficulty relaxing your mind and body or have stubborn knots that could use a little warmth and TLC? If so, schedule a soothing basalt or salt stone massage with me today!

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