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What Makes YOU Shine?

Updated: Mar 14


We are ALL unique.

What is uniqueness, exactly?

Here are some definitions.

According to my 20+ year old deep blue, hardcover Websters New World Dictionary, to be unique means to be “unparalleled” and to be the “One and only”. 

Wikipedia describes uniqueness as being “remarkable" or "unusual”.

ChatGPT says to be unique is to be “distinctive" or "to have individual characteristics, qualities, or features that set something or someone apart from others”. 

Some quotes about uniqueness that I love are,

“Weeds blend in, roses stand out”.  -Matshona Dhliwayo


“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?” - Ian Wallace 

As most of us do, there are times I’ve found myself playing the comparison game to someone who works within my career or similar space.

Thoughts I’ve had when comparing are “wow, they do what I do… they sell/service what I do… they have values similar to mine… they post about similar things…”

But are we the same? 

Is anyone exactly the same as another?

No, of course not. 

We all have something special that we bring to the table.

I think it’s important that we all take notice of this and take some time to think about what sets us apart. 

It’s important that we allow our uniqueness and inner+outer beauty shine. 

The other day I came up with some questions that can help shed light on what makes each of us stand out.

If you’d like to practice some self awareness and focus on what makes you amazing, ask yourself these questions to unfold what’s most unique about you…

What do I love to do or learn?

Mine are … Enjoy time spending with friends and family closest to me, most things fitness, massage, wellness, disease prevention, self improvement and more…

What are my greatest strengths?

Some activity strengths of mine are that I like to write and am very good at it. I love engaging in fitness activities and performing massage on clients and am great at doing them. These didn't come natural to me initially but most I started at a young age or 5+ years ago and I consistently practiced to get better. As for who I am, I am creative, tenacious and loving…

What interests do I hold most dear?

Some of mine are self development and so many aspects of wellness...

What challenges have I faced that changed me for the better and have made me who I am today?

Some of mine are… incredibly shy kid turned fairly outgoing as a result of my mom enrolling me in improvisation class at the community theater for 5 years from age 10 to 15 and then choosing careers where I've been able to serve all types of people... finding a career I love after years of searching, experimenting and building… starting a small business during a pandemic, allowing me to build a loving community where I get to help the most appreciative clients… 

Let's make it a daily or weekly affirmation to make it a point to remember who we are that sets us apart and makes us shine so that we can be our own special light for others!!


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