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The Half Glutes Sunday - My Latest Dark Chocolate Obsession

I’m very much into overall wellness, especially fitness, massage therapy and, for the most part, healthy eating. BUT, I do have my moments - that sometimes last several weeks - of not so healthy habits.

Dark chocolate is the latest.

And for excuse making sake, IT IS loaded with antioxidants...right?? Sooooo, is that a good enough excuse to eat it in exorbitant amounts?

Well, probably not... but about a month ago, I was on a major Dove Dark Chocolate kick.

Hmmm, Dove Dark Chocolate. Just how healthy is that particular brand? Good question. I haven’t done one bit of research on Dove chocolates specifically, but my best guess is that if they are to be eaten, they should be done so in moderation, especially due to the high sugar content and, for the record, after a few weeks of indulging, I’m taking a semi-long break from this mouth watering obsession.

With that being said, what follows is a silly, comical, exaggerated social media post I typed up a couple of weeks ago about my temporary yet extended new indulgence that I think you may find funny and with my new habit came an interesting chocolate dessert recipe.

I have a new addiction.

I’m not sure how it started.

And I’m not sure how to quit.

I decided to name it today. I couldn’t put a finger on my issue but I came to the conclusion that it needs to be called a Half Glutes Sunday. (Excuse my French).

So, probably about a month ago, I was craving a piece of chocolate. I ran over to the grocery store and the Dove Dark Chocolate bag caught my eye.

It started with one, followed by another. Once I got home, I innocently opened the wrappers and read messages, such as, “Book the flight” and You deserve it”!! And naturally, all I that stuck in my head was, "YOU DESERVE IT"!!

But one day I decided to heat up a couple pieces. The initial plan was to make hot chocolate similar to what I might order at Starbucks on a cold day here and there, but I chose to eat the melted chocolate straight out of the glass instead, never making it to the hot chocolate recipe.

The following week I had an 💡 idea. I thought, how awesome would this warm, melted chocolate be with a banana to dip into it?? At this point, my issue was fully under control. I was only eating a couple melted chocolates per week. But once I decided to add in a banana, 2 chocolates per week turned into 2 per day.

So I quickly ran out of Dove chocolates and had to run back to the grocery store to buy another bag. I got to the candy aisle and there were no more Dove Dark Chocolates!! I stood there for 10 straight minutes, scratching my head, trying to figure out what to do. There was no other brand I wanted and I definitely did not want MILK chocolate! After all, I DO have standards!!

Finally, I had to decide whether to simply leave the store empty handed or buy the Dove Dark Chocolate WITH Almonds bag. I worried that if I warmed up the one with almonds, I might... I don't know... choke from the chunky concoction. 🤔 Eeeh, I decided to go for it anyway!!

This is how I discovered the Half Glutes Sunday. It’s a banana dipped in melted chocolate with crushed almonds. 😋 I’m up to x per day now. Noooooo, I WON'T EXPOSE THE REAL NUMBER!!!!!!!!

Just kidding. It’s not THAT bad. (opinion or fact... to be determined)!!, so that is just a funny post I wanted to share that includes some real truth as to how we can form NOT so great habits!! I mean, I’ve heard that sugar is more addicting than certain illegal substances and as you can see from my funny, yet true story, it’s probably not too far from the truth.

I haven't done much serious research on the topic but...

If curious, Livestrong wrote an article about Dove Dark Chocolate Nutrition.

And the New York Daily News wrote a piece about how sugar is very addictive and why.

And on a final and happier note, Healthline explains 7 proven health benefits of dark chocolate.

Hope you enjoyed this post!! More to come...

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