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Four Pillars Spa is Up and Running!!

Four Pillars is a beautiful, cozy, high end spa in Lakewood Ranch, FL (about 45 minutes south of Tampa Bay). The energy and ambiance felt isn’t fully understood until you walk through the front door (slightly hidden upstairs off to the side in a quiet corner) within the beautiful and exquisite San Marco Plaza and witness its extreme charm that resembles something like the highest end bed and breakfast, spa style. This gem is unlike any other, especially in Lakewood Ranch. The founder is a cheerfully optimistic endless dreamer who brings the ultimate zenful spa experience to life with her own natural interior design skills and eye for a peacefully delightful spa enriched haven.

Due to Covid, the resulted forced quarantine and other behind the scenes business disasters, 3 painfully long months followed and Four Pillars was on the brink of closing. Full of ups and downs, tears, hope, sadness, lots of mental pivoting in the midst of the complete unknown for the owner and staff while Four Pillars' doors could not open, like a Tornado, violently, Covid hit this spa. Like many other small businesses, Four Pillars was literally seconds away from financial collapse... until spas were allowed to reopen and loans were made available to help. Finally.

While the storm is not completely over, I am happy to say, I am one of the lucky ones who get to help build this beautiful spa back up. At Four Pillars, as a licensed massage therapist (MA93180), I offer deep tissue massage, Swedish and a mix of both. I also work with a team of kind, passionate licensed massage therapists and medical estheticians who are full of energy, talent and we all love what we do and our clients!

Visit me and the amazing team at Four Pillars to experience the ultimate 5 star spa experience in Lakewood Ranch, FL. To book with me or anyone else at this spa, book online on the Four Pillars website at

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