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Calm in the Midst of Chaos

I’ve recently been learning a lot from positive influencers who often teach about mindset and changing one’s state.

What does changing one’s state refer to? One example that many of us can relate to is when we are feeling sad, mad, moody or judgmental for some reason and then decide it’s just a terrible day so we become moodier throughout the day and our attitude towards just about everything and/or everyone continues to get worse… especially if we are unaware that it is within our power to choose not to feel in such a way. We can choose to be aware of, conscientious and care about how our current less than chipper self at that moment is affecting ourselves and others... and then we can choose to change our state to one that doesn't spread negative energy within ourselves and to others.

Sometimes our jobs, the weather, some type of loss, fear or even a grouchy or instigating loved one can temporarily influence our moods and emotional states, but we don't HAVE to be controlled by them.

And, of course, it's okay to be sad. It's okay to cry... I love a great cry. It's healthy to feel emotions. It's just a good idea to realize that those emotions don't own us and the temporary state does not define us. We can feel and be aware of it and then switch it up.

Some of the ways I change my state when I am feeling moody, in addition to eating better, exercising, spending time with uplifting loved ones or getting a massage is...

I listen to music.

I diffuse essential oils.

I open the shades to see the beautiful day.

I go for a walk or spend time in nature even just by sitting outside.

I remind myself of the many wonderful things/people/places I'm grateful for.

I chop vegetables.

I cook.

I journal (with a real pen and paper)!

I put do my best to put myself in others shoes if they are instigating an argument.

I spend time with positive family members and friends.

I spend much appreciated time alone!

Before becoming a LMT I loved things like quick meals, fast & loud music, high intensity exercises and power yoga.

And now, it’s not that I don’t still love those things but I also love classical music, restorative yoga, quiet time, positive journaling and more consciously working on continuing to be a better and better version of myself every day.

I was never interested in listening to classical music until I found myself in a quiet room with my clients who visit me to relax.

I’m amazed at how this type of music completely changes my state by calming me and lifting my spirits.

Right now I am listening to Apple Music’s “Pure Calm”, Wellbeing station. The description of this station is “mixing the mellower side of jazz and contemporary classical designed as a place of calm within chaos… a little oasis in the cluttered landscape of modern life”.

Soooo true and exactly what we all need. Don't we?

I ❤️my career because I get to calm others and myself with calming melody, much needed touch, and the understanding that I’m here to help inspire peacefulness. I'm human and there are days when it's challenging for me if my state is in a temporary funk, but I know when I walk through that door, it's my job to inspire relaxation and a much calmer environment.

So sometimes, even when not with clients, when I am feeling moody or down or even when I'm already feeling amazing, I turn on this type of music.

And I diffuse a calming blend of essential oils.

Today the blend I am diffusing promotes relaxation and consists of Marjoram, Cypress, Basil, Lavender and Peppermint.

This little bottle that barely has been used was hiding in a closet and coincidentally, on a day when I was feeling a little on edge (earlier today) it stared right at me.

What a perfect combo.

For a deeper understanding of changing your state, here is a great article by Tony Robbins.

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