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A Thankful ❤️ in February

2+ years ago, actually in October of 2020, I decided to move to Nashville from FL.

We were about 7 months in, Covid-life. The spa I worked at sadly closed and I started seeing a few clients at their home (in FL). I’d only been a massage therapist for a year at that point but I’d had plenty of sales and customer service experience working in the medical, fitness and print worlds. Still, it’s never easy building a clientele or business, especially during a pandemic. Business was pretty slow in FL where I lived and much of my family headed to Nashville so I said, “why not”?

Initially upon moving to Nashville, I got back into home medical sales. I wasn’t sure if a career in massage therapy would be one I could make a living at. I’d tried “side hustles” and commission only positions like it and “failed” so I wasn’t sure if massage therapy would be any different. I accepted the medical sales position and planned to visit massage clients at home when not working at the full time gig.

I learned quickly that I wouldn’t be able to do both, as the medical sales position truly required off hours in addition to the regular and I needed to be more flexible as a massage therapist. Also, my heart was no longer in my former career.

After 2.5 months of living in Nashville, I made the risky decision to leave the company I’d just signed on with and go all in as a licensed massage therapist.

Using the little bit of experience I had in FL as a “mobile LMT”, I got started and today, 2 years and 4 months later, I’m glad I did. I no longer visit clients at home with the exception of a few "originals". This pic was taken a few months ago by one of my first clients in Nashville! As you can see, Petunia has marked her territory after 2+ years of knowing me she no longer asks permission... or did she ever?

I’m grateful for my human clients and I do miss all the “pet therapy” I got to experience when I was a full time mobile LMT and how comical it was when so many pets would shove their owners out of the way with their furry heads thinking they should get the massage instead.

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