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TiffsTable Project

What's on TiffsTable and why should you care?

Potato Soup

The start of TiffsTable


There are a few reasons why I've started this project.

Diets are silly. I've never been on one. 

But I love making food healthier in a creative way.

I love taking pics of my dishes and I'd like to spare my family from

having to open up multiple daily texts of food pics consisting of

salads, soups and more.

Also, I am a big proponent of making meals at home, minimally processed dishes, having fun cooking and eating while saving time and food prepping. 

But, the biggest reason why I've started the TiffsTable Project is...

About a year ago, my father had a sudden health scare.

Thankfully, he got well fairly quickly but during the few weeks when I

was helping him get his energy back to a healthier state, I didn't like

what I saw in his freezer and cabinets. I saw lots of ultra processed foods

in boxes and bags. I wanted to make sure my father was eating higher

quality foods that would keep him healthy. I'm not a Nutritionist but I

know the nuts (pun intended) and bolts of how to throw together healthier eats and have lots of fun in the process. 

So, I started a FaceBook page about a year ago called TiffsTable Project.

I've been posting some videos, pics of meals I make weekly and educational info by reputable doctors who I trust who put out important content that

you may not otherwise see or know about unless you visit my TiffsTable sites.


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the latest on posts and articles that I publish on this site.



Recipes can be found in the "Blog" section of this site...


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