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Yoga at Home

A Knead for Wellness
Massage Therapy
615 Bakers Bridge Ave, #145, Ste 50
Cool Springs area of Franklin, TN
(615) 815-9247 


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Yoga at Home
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My goal is to provide a stress relieving, pain reducing experience for you through the power of touch and various tools. I use high quality essential oils and massage oil, hot & cold therapy and incorporate kneading, firm-flowy strokes, deep tissue and more. You visit me for the peaceful experience, the consistent reduction of tension and because you know you'll get me when you book at A Knead for Wellness. - Tiffany, LMT, Owner

Thank you for visiting! Welcome to A Knead for Wellness, Massage Therapy. Your massage is entirely customizable depending on whether you are in need of a Swedish, aromatherapy or hot stone massage for relaxation or a deeper tissue massage for helping with pain relief. Visit my cozy, private suite in Franklin - Cool Springs, located in Salons by JC (suite 145), a classy-chic hub where I share walls with other friendly and talented wellness and beauty professionals. Once you enter Salons by JC, our concierge will greet you and bring you to A Knead for Wellness, which is located in Suite 50. 

Your Personalized Experience
I am Tiffany, solo LMT #13585 at A Knead for Wellness, Massage Therapy. Have you ever been to a spa, had the most wonderful massage only to lose your favorite massage therapist forever? Look no further. When you call, text or book, you will deal with me directly. I love creating a sense of peace and calm for my clients. If you need to slow down, you've found the place. I usually add a drop of Lavender or Eucalyptus essential oil to the scalp portion of each massage I provide. I offer a wide array of tools to help YOU relax. If you are needing a deep tissue massage I absolutely can help with that too and not every visit will be the same because some days you may have a stubborn "knot" while other days you'd simply like a firm, relaxing Swedish. Often you may enjoy a combo (relaxing + deep pressure).

Client Reviews 

Scroll down to read client testimonials (those with a "G" are Google reviews). 

Spa Room Ambiance
You'll find that the A Knead for Wellness is a quaint, adorable space with an elegant farmhouse vibe. Upon entering the space you'll immediately feel relaxed. Even if you mostly need deep tissue work, you will be able to completely destress.

All sessions are by appointment only (no walk-ins). Please don't knock on the door as I'll more than likely be in session. Online booking is available up to 5 days out. If you'd like to make an appointment six or more days out from the day you are planning, please text/call me to inquire about available appointments and if I am with a client or away I will get back with you asap. Disregard calendar view after five days as I update it daily or every few days, depending on all appointments, including those not displayed on the calendar. Online booking is there for your more immediate convenient booking.

Payment Methods
You have the option to pay in person or you may pay when you book online to save time. Either way when booking, select "Book Now", followed by "Pay Now" followed by "Pay in Person" if you'd like to pay at the time of the service visit. You may pay via Venmo or CC in person and if you book online you may pay via Apple Pay or CC. e-Gift Cards are available for purchase (right below the "Book Now" option at the top of this site).

Your Personalized Initial Appointment
After you book your massage directly with me or online, I will text/call you and will email you a digital intake form
  to be filled out prior to your first appointment. This can be filled out and saved from the comfort of your phone or computer.

Scheduling, Cancelation and Rescheduling Policies
I appreciate you, my clients. I work with a variety of working persons and moms/dads schedules, to name a few and may be able to get you on the books within the same week. Once booked, note that I do not currently charge for cancellations and understand when rescheduling is needed. If you are sick or have a cold, please reschedule asap so that germs aren't spread to other clients. Of course, please don't make a habit of rescheduling and cancelling, but I understand that things come up so if you need to, try to let me know within 24 hours. 

LMT Credentials & Service Menu
To learn more about my (Tiffany's) credentials and background keep scrolling down...Or book now online by clicking on 

Additional info about your LMT, Tiffany


An all-things-luxury spa enthusiast, I have worked at a few of most popular local, high end spas in Lakewood Ranch, FL and the exquisitely beautiful, tranquil Woodhouse Day Spa in Nashville, TN. I love and strongly believe that essential oils significantly help you relax, so during your session I'll include at least one at no additional charge.

My repeat clients typically visit me once or twice per month as part of their wellness maintenance regimen. Some days they may request a calming massage, while other days they may ask that I work on a specific muscular issue. Many call on me for headache/sinus relief and others enjoy hot stones with aromatherapy to more deeply relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life for a bit. Prior to my career as a massage therapist I worked in a fast paced career including medical, fitness & copier sales. I, too, often turned to massage therapy to help reduce stress or relieve a stubborn knot. I've also suffered menstrual headaches so I am especially drawn to helping others with their headache pain.

I attended and graduated from Sarasota School of Massage Therapy's 800 hour program in FL. Although FL & TN require 500 hours to achieve state licensing, SSMT adds 300 additional hours to their curriculum for more detailed learning. I continue to read and learn as there is so much to know within massage and wellness. I am a (non-practicing) certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (since 2015) and attended Yoga teacher training for fun and a deeper understanding of myself, as at the time, I was dealing with some inner turmoil. I believe wellness (fitness, whole foods, massage...) is the best form of medicine and I am so happy that I get the opportunity to help you relax and just.... breathe.


In my spare time, I enjoy healthy cooking, yoga, kickboxing, good old fashioned weight training, massage (of course) and spending time with family and friends. 

The Blog

Be sure to check out the entertaining wellness blog on this site!





Meet Tiffany
Why Naturopathy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

It may help with

Yoga at Home
Stress Reduction

Research has shown meditation and activities like getting a massage can lower heart rate and blood pressure. Serotonin and dopamine are also released, resulting in a feeling of peaceful, calm relaxation.

Muscle Soreness Relief

Assisted stretch or massage after vigorous exercise reduces pain and helps muscles recover. Massage also increases and improves circulation and eases inflammation.


Headache Relief

Meditation, deep breathing with essential oils and massage  relaxes muscles, relieves muscle spasms, improves blood flow and aids in relaxation, which can be helpful for relieving the pain of tension and vascular headaches.

Muscle Tension Release

Sitting at a desk all day can result in a tense neck and shoulders. Stretching and massage increases and improves circulation, which in turn, helps relieve muscle tension.

Pure Relaxation

Meditation, stretching and Swedish massage are relaxing. Add aromatherapy and instant peacefulness is the result.

Relaxed and stretched muscles result in increased flexibility. Muscles that were originally tight and tense improve as flexibility improves.

Increased Flexibility
Back Massage

Planning a massage at A Knead for Wellness is just a phone call or text away in Franklin. Or, simply book online!

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