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A Knead for Wellness...The Story

Hello... I am Tiffany, 
FL Licensed Massage Therapist (MA93180) in Lakewood Ranch, FL. I am also a Wellness Distributor for Young Living. You can click "Wellness Products" on the menu to order or check out Young Living wellness products (oils, makeup, vitamins & more).

Why a "Knead" for Wellness?

Wellness isn't only fitness. It's not just eating well. It isn't simply massage therapy on a weekly basis. It's not only spiritual and mental health. It's all of these combined. We need them all in order to live healthfully. 


I began my wellness journey at the early age of 14. My dad would take me to the gym here and there and would teach me about  the cardio and weight training equipment and proper form. In his 40's, during a stressful time in his life, he began getting back into working out so that he could think, feel and look better. He quickly got in phenomenal shape and saw how beneficial his new habits were to all aspects of his life. He wanted me to learn healthy habits at an early age. He stocked me up on health magazines and I'd read them cover to cover after school. I began working out at home with Jane Fonda at 5am before school. My mom thought I was crazy. 


I was never a great student. I didn't even plan for college until junior year in high school when I saw my friends were doing so. I had zero idea what to do with my life. I'd always been extremely shy and the only thing I enjoyed was community theater (after my mom forced me into it to help me break out of my shyness at age 9 until high school) and fitness. I decided to major in a program called Wellness and learned about nutrition and more about exercise. I practiced what I preached and I was all in, loving every aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. I won't go into the long story about how I left the Wellness program after 3 years of courses in health but I wound up getting my degree in something else and chose a career in sales, mainly medical.  


My love for wellness never went away but I didn't believe I could really make a career of it so for more years than I should have, I stayed in a career I wasn't happy in. I did well in medical sales and then went on to sell copiers for personal reasons (and hated it). Life was moving fast and I was working a lot. I didn't handle the stress of achieving a quota well (even when I was killing it). I learned that I can't sell ice to an eskimo. It became apparent that I'd done well in sales only when I loved and believed that what I was doing was making a difference in the lives of others. I knew I needed to make a change and finally chose massage therapy, not really knowing if it was the right choice. 

Change is scary and I understand why now! This new path has not been an easy one. There has been a lot of uncertainty and less perceived stability than what I'd been used to in my prior career. But dreading Mondays isn't a great way to live either and today I can happily say that I don't dread any days.

It's funny how often we look for answers and even though they may be right before our eyes we fail to see them,... until we do and then we wonder how it took so long.When I chose to attend massage school I still had no idea if I'd even like it! I just knew I had to get the heck out of what I was in and make major changes in my life.

Luckily, I love massage therapy! But I also love some aspects of selling, especially now that it's to do with wellness. I still get to sell a bit and build a team of passionate wellness people at Young Living.

Young Living is the pioneer of the Essential Oils movement

and 25+ year old wellness company that provides a wide array of

toxin free, high quality products. I discovered my love for 

Young Living essential oils while working at a spa that allowed 

me to try a few brands in spa sessions with my clients.

I intuitively felt drawn to Young Living products and every day I find another one to obsess over!

So, that's an overview of my story that led me to where I am today. 

On this site, I hope you enjoy reading my blog (up and coming) about all sorts of Wellness topics!

Before you move on to the blog articles, here are a few more details about me...

I am professional, reliable, polite and friendly. I am NASM certified in personal training to stay up to date on industry trends and currently taking courses in Sports Massage. I am a graduate of Sarasota School of Massage Therapy (800 hours). I now work at a spa located in Lakewood Ranch and do chair massage for corporate accounts and events in Lakewood Ranch upon request. 

Prior to a career in massage therapy, I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Tampa and spent almost 15 years selling various medical and printer products. I am looking forward to connecting with you!!

Contact info...

Tiffany, LMT, A Knead for Wellness

Call/ Text: 941-504-2611 

"Like" my FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/


To become a wholesale member of Young Living and order a Starter Kit, which will provide you with all of the most popular essential oils and the highest quality diffuser, browse or order here at https://www.myyl.com/akneadforwellness.com



Benefits of Massage

It may help with

Stress Reduction

Research has shown massage can lower heart rate and blood pressure. Serotonin and dopamine are also released, resulting in a feeling of peaceful, calm relaxation.

Muscle Soreness Relief

Massage after vigorous exercise reduces pain and helps muscles recover. Massage also increases and improves circulation and eases inflammation.


Headache Relief

Massage  relaxes muscles, relieves muscle spasms, improves blood flow and aids in relaxation, which can be helpful for relieving the pain of tension and vascular headaches.

Muscle Tension Release

Sitting at a desk all day can result in a tense neck and shoulders. Massage increases and improves circulation, which in turn, helps relieve muscle tension.

Pure Relaxation

Swedish massage is relaxing on its own, but add aromatherapy and thermotherapy and pure relaxation is the result.

Increased Flexibility

Relaxed and stretched muscles result in increased flexibility. Muscles that were originally tight and tense improve as flexibility improves.



Wellness, a Lifestyle.

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