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A Knead for Wellness...The Story

Hello... I am Tiffany, 
TN Licensed Massage Therapist &
Fitness Consultant/Trainer serving Franklin, TN.
I am a certified Personal Trainer through the
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).
I offer mobile massage in the home+office. I also help female fitness newbies, and those who simply need to get back into the swing of things, with fitness routines/planning.

Why a "Knead" for Wellness?

Wellness isn't only working out. It's not just eating well. It's not only spiritual and mental health. It's all of these combined and more! We need them all in order to live healthfully. 


I began my wellness journey at the early age of 14. My dad would often bring me to the gym with him and showed me how to use the cardio and weight training equipment while demonstrating proper form (body mechanics). In his 40's, during a stressful time in his life, he began getting back into working out and eating well so that he could think, feel and look better. He quickly got into phenomenal shape and saw how beneficial his new habits were to his mind, body, spirit and mental state! He wanted me to learn healthy habits at this early age. He stocked me up with health magazines and I'd read them cover to cover after school. I began working out at home at 5am before school. My mom thought I was crazy because my energy level sky rocketed and I'd roll and bounce out of bed ready for my early morning workouts . Thanks to my dad (and mom who introduced me to home workouts and better eating habits) being such outstanding role models when it came to my health, from my teenage years and throughout my life, I've held on to my love of a healthy lifestyle and realize it encompasses so many areas of our lives. Why the "knead"... Engaging in an active, healthy lifestyle helps us to feel better, think more clearly and live longer. After years of a career primarily in sales, I've added wellness to the career mix to not only enjoy a healthy lifestyle in my own life, but so that I can help others live a more well-rounded, healthy lifestyle as well. 

What can you find on this website?  

Enjoy reading my blog (up and coming) about all sorts of Wellness topics. You can also check out the wellness products menu if you are looking for the highest quality vitamins, essential oils, mineral makeup, CBD oil and much more by Young Living!

Thank you for visiting this site and hope you visit often!

Contact info...

Tiffany, A Knead for Wellness

Call/ Text: 941-504-2611 

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Benefits of a Wellness Lifestyle

It may help with

Stress Reduction

Research has shown meditation and activities like getting a massage can lower heart rate and blood pressure. Serotonin and dopamine are also released, resulting in a feeling of peaceful, calm relaxation.

Muscle Soreness Relief

Assisted stretch or massage after vigorous exercise reduces pain and helps muscles recover. Massage also increases and improves circulation and eases inflammation.


Headache Relief

Meditation, deep breathing with essential oils and massage  relaxes muscles, relieves muscle spasms, improves blood flow and aids in relaxation, which can be helpful for relieving the pain of tension and vascular headaches.

Muscle Tension Release

Sitting at a desk all day can result in a tense neck and shoulders. Stretching and massage increases and improves circulation, which in turn, helps relieve muscle tension.

Pure Relaxation

Meditation, stretching and Swedish massage are relaxing. Add aromatherapy and instant peacefulness is the result.

Increased Flexibility

Relaxed and stretched muscles result in increased flexibility. Muscles that were originally tight and tense improve as flexibility improves.



Wellness, a Lifestyle.

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